This Christmas season, I want to give back in the form of mentorship. It’s tough navigating the legal profession, thus I want to help.

A little about myself: I’m an optimistic (almost) lawyer. I’m filled with a passion to make a better world. My law journey went off on a tangent when I became depressed during 3L. It has been two years since my initial depression. Since then, I have progressed as both a creative and professional soul.

My own praxis is to challenge the status quo and to not lose yourself in the process of becoming a lawyer. I’m a Latinx in law: I’m critical of systematic racism in law and I try to find ways to address these issues. Lastly, I’m a free-spirited mind. I love writing. I love poetry. Literature will always be in my DNA. I want to encourage the new generation to continue their rebellious side while advocating for their respective causes.

I’ll try to help as many folks as I can. Please keep in mind, I am only one person. Please write down what you look for in our mentorship. I’ll see how I can help 🙂 Let’s learn from each other!

Summary of interests:

Social Justice (Labour law and human rights)
Public-Interest Advocacy
Critical Race Theory
Mental Health (coping mechanisms, etc)
Finding a creative space in law